Editing and Proofreading Services


Jen worked with me as a proofreader for my romance novel and I couldn’t be happier. She’s efficient, knowledgeable, thorough, and always replied to my questions with a great attitude and impeccable timing. English isn’t my first language so I was very intimidated by the idea of publishing my novel, even after the editing process, but Jen took such good care of the manuscript and provided so much feedback, I’m super confident now to bring the final product to market. I recommend Jen 200% and look forward to working with her soon!


Adriana, August 2023

Jennie made an extra effort to provide me all the details (i.e, turnaround time, expectation etc) which gave me the confidence and the peace of mind on her professional services even with geographical difference. She delivered as promised. Her efficiency, attention to details, result-oriented focused, and her willingness to make things happen demonstrate an excellent example that the extra (little) things that one can do to help one another, can make a big difference. It’s such a pleasure working with her.

Cora,  April 2023

Jen copy edited a speculative short story of mine and I was so pleased with the results. Jen was great to work with, the story returned to me faster than expected. The changes suggested have helped lift my story. I feel much more confident sending my work out into the world. Will be working with Clarity Check again in the very near future. Thanks Jen.

Chris, March 2023

Jen Proof read some client sleep contracts for my turn in business. She was efficient prompt and lovely to work with. Thank you.

Kirsty, March 2023

Jennie is a very thorough, highly competent and easy to talk to person. She always puts in her 100% into her work, which in our case is editing articles written in English. As she is native, she makes the content sound natural, always finds ways to improve it and has a fantastic eye for detail! No instruction will be missed when Jennie is checking the work.

Kate, Jan 2023

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