Editing and Proofreading Services



Copyediting involves improving the quality and enhancing language within a document for better flow, clarity and sentence structure.

As copyeditor, I focus on the detail of your story. Making sure the text is consistent, reads well and can be understood by your intended reader, whilst retaining your voice. This includes checking grammar, spelling and punctuation.

This process also offers the added benefit of collaboration between us, meaning working together to create the best version possible.


Proofreading is a surface-level check. It is the final phase of the editing process. As proofreader, I will check for any spelling and grammar mistakes, punctuation and capitalization, layout issues and inconsistencies within the text.

This would also suit someone looking for that all important essential last check, without any significant changes to the content.

what I can do for you

For all editing and proofreading services you will receive back, from me, two articles;

This way you control your own edits (or choose to use mine, whichever you prefer).

Thorough feedback is always provided and I will happily work alongside you until you are satisfied with the final edits.

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